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A nation of fish lovers

The frozen seafood category was struggling, -4% YOY. The rise in chilled fish, coupled with a battle with chicken, had forced brands to trade on value which resulted in a spiral downwards of quality in the category.

Young’s was lost at sea. The brand had become fragmented with certain sub-brands working well and some products with no real identity. They needed a strong masterbrand approach that placed Young’s as ‘the only true fish expert’ in the freezer.


The masterbrand shore line was applied to every range within the portfolio. The scene became a more evening red sky for the Gastro range. The Young’s brand mark was increased to give more confidence and impact and allowed the product and sub-brands to connect as lighthouse properties. Our self appointed mission was ‘to get the nation hooked on fish’.

We dialed up foodiness by creating the menu board device for all product names. This aided navigation and further connected Young’s to places to enjoy great seafood, above their fishermen credentials.

The Chip Shop re-launch delivered an improved sales performance of +4% (latest 12 weeks performance vs Birds Eye -11%

50% share of battered fish, including Gastro (Birds Eye 23.5%)

No.1 in breaded fish for the first time ever, with a 28.6% share.

£1.1 million sales - the highest ever weekly sales of Gastro in January 2014

45% repeat rate across the Gastro range

5,775 distribution points secured for Gastro Fillets

Nielsen data to 31st 2015 (weekly)

In 2006 we helped Young's to expand beyond the supermarket shelves with the launch of a premium smoked salmon.

Young's Spey Valley Smokehouse Smoked Salmon uses organic fish from Glenarm, Northern Ireland and secured a listing with Harrods of London.