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The elephant in the room

Williamson Tea is a family owned business with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas. The brand operates in a highly competitive market with competition from numerous other brands, such as Twinings and Taylor’s of Harrogate. The range includes cartons of tea bags, loose tea caddies and gift caddies.

These gift caddies are sold in primarily in John Lewis and Waitrose as well as stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. They are also sold via the Williamson Tea website. Their competitors are not just tea brands (My Cup of Tea, The East India Company) but also producers of other gift products.

The original brief was to take the existing traditional style elephant caddy and produce a single design for Christmas. The caddy would be sold as a gift and so would have to be visually appealing and attractive enough to be retained for reuse (and display) after the contents were used up.

Given the elephant is a key part of the Williamson Tea brand, it was vital that the caddy was kept as the shape of an elephant. The outer sleeve had to it within the brand visual identity and communicate the tea variety and number of teabags whilst showing off the caddy as much as possible.


We responded with the idea of producing a range of limited edition elephant caddies. Each caddy would celebrate an event or some of the brand and each have its own character. The contents would remain one of the classic Williamson Tea tea bags.

We wanted to develop a range of gift caddies that would take the Williamson Tea brand elephant and transform it into a unique three dimensional icon. The distinctive shape has strong brand shelf presence and powerfully links the caddy with the brand logo. The launch of a range of elephant caddies each with different graphics and character allows the brand to appeal to a wider audience and for the caddies to become collectible. The silver sleeve helps communicates the premium nature of the brand and also allows the caddy to be clearly seen by the consumer. Following the success of the first set of limited edition caddies a further brief was set to even generate more.