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Experience a taste adventure

Whitworths had lost its confidence. A masterbrand straightjacket had made the brand look more like the retail own label packs it was up against on shelf.

It also meant that any new innovation was struggling to be seen against the core range.


Dried fruit should not look dry!

Whitworths dry their fruit, then re-infuse it with delicious flavours to make it juicier than the competitors! Our strategy for Whitworths was simple, in the world of dried fruits we need to look like 'A burst of nature'.

Delight in the detail

Our first challenge was the brand mark itself... Through collaboration with lettering artist Alison Carmichael we created a piece of lettering that captured the natural essence of the brand philosophy. Natural does not mean boring.

The bold brand architecture was created from leaf shapes to highlight the naturalness of the products and by converting to a much bolder, stonger colour palette we added vibrancy, taste and excitement to the core range. The end result is packaging thats burst from the shelf with life and confidence!