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Making an iconic British cereal an icon

Weetabix was stuck in the 'breakfast ghetto', with everyone claiming wholegrain their core reason to believe had made them the same as, not different to, the competition.

We asked a different question, not "what's in a Weetabix?" but "what's in it for me?".

Rooted in the understanding of semiotics, we created a pack design that subconsciously conveys the brand’s reason to believe and its promise. A visual jolt in the fixture whilst protecting its core visual equities.

A clear response to the consumers' question, why Weetabix? The answer... Fuel your day...


Fuel for Growth

Return to growth in a declining category

Base sales +3% YOY

£4.5m of extra revenue in 2017

Kantar top ten FMCG Launch 2016

£150m of sales for the first time in history

Fuel for active days...

In response to the growing trend for high protein products, and migration from the sports nutrition category to the mainstream, Weetabix developed a range of breakfast cereals with added protein.

The range was launched in January 2016 with high levels of distribution (76% of grocery mults) and has resulted in a high value share of the protein cereal category (30%).