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Taylor made satisfaction

Timothy Taylor’s make exceptional award-winning beers. From the growers of their unique Golden Promise Barley, their Master Brewers to the landlords who keep and sell the beer - they have people who champion beer throughout the process.

For them it’s all about ‘Know not show’. They know their beers and do not need gimmicks to sell them.

So, how do you stand for quality in a congested category and create a brand look and feel that appeals to existing Timothy Taylor’s drinkers, whilst attracting a new audience who appreciate and pay for a premium beer.


The art of exceptional beers

The creative idea was based upon the celebration of the time, care and effort and the people who pour their craft and expertise into the making of these outstanding beers.

Our inspiration came from the communist posters from the 1920s and 30s that showed the proud heroic everyday worker. We reflected the same upward camera angle and simple screen print style and created a modern interpretation of this.

We wanted to give the brand a voice that would hero the ‘worker’.

Each beer champion’s master trades person striking a pose that reflects the craftsmanship of their trade and the care and effort that goes into to making the beer. All for that Taste of Taylor’s.