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Ice cream moments that last a little longer

The ‘super-premium’ ice cream market was dominated by Ben & Jerry’s with their ‘bonkers Ice Cream makers’ personality and a rejuvenated, less exclusive Häagen-Dazs.

Mövenpick whilst unmistakably Swiss but was failing to communicate their own personality or to engage on an emotive or sensorial level. The brand needed to bring more heart & emotion to the ice cream ‘me moment’.

"The best moments in life are simple things done in extraordinary ways"

From this belief wanted to make Mövenpick a metaphor for the ultimate 'ice cream me moment’.

We created 'A spoonful of extraordinary’ to encapsulate a feeling of belonging tothat moment simple moments of indulging yourself and the purejoy of making the simple extraordinary... one spoon at a time!

We dialled up the foodiness with 'less-perfect’ product photography introduced more of their perfectly sourced ingredients, making them part of a new Alpine scene. The Mövenpick brand mark was given a much stronger, more confident look and tone of voice made more inclusive with a sense of Swiss joy.