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Curiosity thrills the cat

The Monty Bojangles brand of truffles was under threat from retailer own label products and had been criticised for not offering a compelling brand story to justify its future. It was in danger of being delisted by Waitrose, representing 51% of total sales.

We needed to transform Monty Bojangles into an engaging positioning, capable of bringing to life the unique nature of the product, in an emotionally appealing way that would secure its future as an emotive brand equity, rather than simply a supplier of product to the trade.


We developed the unique positioning Monty Bojangle’s ‘curiously moreish little taste adventures’, transforming the role of the cat into the purveyor of taste adventures by using it to showcase the company’s innovative approach to recipes.

Conventional brand values were replaced by an engaging philosophy: “Curiosity Thrills the Cat” which comes to life through Victorian etchings, botanical drawings and hand-painted illustrations with eccentric product descriptors and brand narratives.

As a result of the redesign, the brand allowed the business to increase the unit price by £1, delivering an amazing gross profit increase of 90%.

The successful redesign improved retail distribution and also affected seasonal retail sales, which increased by 59%.