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Light on calories... big on taste!

How do you communicate outstanding/great health credentials in the snacking category in a light hearted and engaging way?

Following extensive product development, the packaging needed to be re-evaluated to reflect the brand's proposition of the tastiest, healthiest popcorn - a guilt-free treat for everyone that is accessible and doesn't just speak to the niche market/audience.


Metcalfe's A'Design SILVER 2017

We created a range of packs that feature a striking and distinctive design that reflects the brand's engaging, vibrant and light hearted personality. Bold colour combinations for each flavour variant create strong standout on shelf.

The popcorn 'dudes' add personality and communicate the flavour of each SKU in the range. The 'placard' logo and lock-up is an evolution of the existing logo, taking a generic shape and developing it to create a distinctive and ownable equity for the brand. It reflects the brand's passion for creating the tastiest, healthiest popcorn and makes it accessible to all consumers.