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McVitie's Awards

Everyday Indulgence

McVitie’s have a strong heritage in biscuits but their role as a cake brand was much smaller. The role of cakes had begun to change, affected by a shift to the indulgence of other snack categories, the health trend and the growth of coffee shops was changing consumer taste. Cakes had lost their place at the centre of the reward moment and needed a revival!

To help revive the category and recruit younger consumers to the brand, McVitie’s created a new range of coffee shop traybake-style cake products in a shareable squares format. We partnered with McVitie’s to create a new brand identity for the range which would secure a place for McVitie’s in the minds of the younger cake consumer and showcase McVitie’s 21st century position as an indulgent, sweet snacking brand to modernise the ambient cake category.

The new range needed to capture the new premium indulgent offering for McVitie’s, whilst still remaining accessible to a wide market of consumers. We called this Everyday Indulgence.

The design was heavily inspired by Coffee Shop culture, which offers consumers the opportunity to take time out, relax and indulge in a sweet treat both as part of a group activity and as a part of a solo ‘me moment’. We wanted the brand to speak directly to this feeling and used the sub brand name ‘Moments’ to signal this occasion.

Since it’s launch in May 2018, McVitie’s Moments has proven to be a real success and have driven £1.4m worth of retail sales and is growing, with projected sales of £5m in year 1.

The retailers shared great feedback too.
Morrisons: “You’ve nailed it… like the story, branding, positioning, products and packaging’.
Tesco: “You’ve hit the nail on the head… good consumer rationale, great pack design and products”.