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Celebrate with McVitie's every day

McVitie's wanted to become a Branded House rather than a House of Brands. We were briefed to align with the biscuits ‘cartouche’ redesign, whilst creating a distinctive cake proposition.

The redesign has been a great success! It stands out on shelf and has secured new listings. Whilst still maintaining the same shape we turned the masterbrand ‘cartouche’ into a gift tag, making the cakes feel like an indulgent treat, fit for a celebration. The gift tag allowed each sub-brand to exist within a unifying masterbrand, the matt wrapping paper design uses branded repeat patterns. The gloss tag holds the brand and, where required, a second ‘cartouche’ holds product descriptors.

For the last 3 years we have been tasked by McVitie's Cakes to design seasonal packs for Halloween, Christmas and Summer promotions, to help drive footfall into the cake portfolio through emotional engagement.

Our designers and illustrators collaborate to create a yearly theme that uses the cartouche shape as a vehicle to create a Halloween setting. In 2016 we created cartouche signposts that allowed each sub-brand to exist in their own spooky world.

Our plasticine modelled characters, created in house, were shot and digitally placed into Halloween background illustrations. The Halloween 2016 range has been a great success, look out for 2017!