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Celebrating the tasty goodness of eggs

Ten years ago we set out to convert from a nation of caged egg buyers to free range eggs. We launched the Happy Egg Co. with the brand proposition 'the happiest hens lay the tastiest eggs'.

Within 3 years the Happy Egg Co. was a multi-award winning brand and market leader responsible for 75% growth in free range.

Today the Happy Egg co. has achieved that target but with the competition now catching up it was time to set a new goal - to celebrate the tasty goodness of eggs by introducing a little ray of sunshine onto every pack to highlight the brands unique Vitamin D claim.


The new sunshine-egg allowed us to bring more of the brands iconic yellow onto the shelf and introduce a more vibrant colour palette across the growing product portfolio, including heat and eat scrambled egg pots and liquid egg whites and scrambled egg mix.

Happy Results

We converted a nation of 75% cage egg buyers to a nation of 70% free range buyers within 2 years.

A brand value of £80m within 2 years.

“Happy eggs made us change our entire egg buying strategy to free range.”
Head of Brand - Morrisons

and in case you thought it couldn't be done again...