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Milky, choccy, strawberry…with sprinkles on top!

FAB had lost its cool and was coming up to a milestone birthday. The packaging had evolved to look like every other lolly brand in the freezer. Everyone recognises a FAB and the packaging should be no different. We discovered that outside of FAB everyone was using the trio of colours far more iconically than the brand themselves.

Our task was simple…to make the brand as iconic as the lolly.


We delved back through the FAB brand history and discovered the brand, like the lolly, was strongest when it celebrated the trio of flavours topped with sprinkles. We did not however want the brand to be only about nostalgia. This had to be a complete reinvention like the Mini Cooper.

We made the lolly the hero and reconnected the brand back to the product. We also stripped back the over-engineered type to something simpler and more fun.

The product descriptors came from a 5 year old, Isabella, who on tasting the lolly described it as “milky, choccy, strawberry…with sprinkles on top”. We thought it described a FAB perfectly and so used it on the packs.

Since the rebrand, FAB has been growing off promotion for the first time in 4 years.

We also created a limited edition ‘birthday cake’ flavour to celebrate the brand’s 50th birthday with a campaign around being “fab at fifty”.

The overall design achieves a stripped back simplicity that talks about the fun of the product.