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The fifth room

Following an immersive workshop we discovered that people were using their gardens more as a 'fifth room' to the house. The fire-pit was replacing the fireplace, the BBQ replacing the cooker and rattan sofas replacing traditional garden furniture.

We also found that the wood preserving category had become a cold, functional, once a year place to shop. We created the ‘brighter outsides’ brand positioning. Changing the category language and bringing new shoppers into the aisle. So instead of painting your summerhouse brown, paint it duck egg blue and make it look like a beach house.


Volume Sale up 74.6%

The design utilises an integrated colour chip that forms part of the garden scene. A first in the category, the image of the shed, fence or bench changes colour on every pack – really helping consumers to visualise the overall effect of the product and be inspired by what they see. The majority of consumers would never have thought to use their shed or fence as a canvas.

The new Garden Shades livery was phased in from March 2013, ahead of the key spring/summer sales period.

Garden Shades volume sale to distributors in 2014 was up a staggering74.6% on 2013.

We didn't stop at Garden Shades

We repositioned the entire Cuprinol range under our new positioning of 'Brighter Outsides' and the core wood care portfolio continued the theme of 'the 5th room' through the open window idea - inviting consumers to visualise the transformative powers of the product.