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A touch of natural magic from the sweeter side of life

At a time when sugar is seen as the devil, how do you create engagement and desire in the world of 'sweet condiments'?

Since the launch of their Original Maple blended with carob syrup, Clarks have always strived to develop natural sweeteners that are made healthier and more affordable.

From the insight that 'sweetness should be accessible to everyone', we worked Clarks, including Bob Clark himself, to develop the brand proposition of 'a touch of natural magic from the sweeter side of life'.

We brought the magic of their iconic maple leaf splash closer to the heart of the brand by linking this more intrinsically with a new brand logo and introduced the brand line 'liberating sweetness' across the entire portfolio of natural sweeteners.

Building on our new brand line further, we launched a new print campaign for Clarks, introducing their magic natural sweetener, Carob Syrup, as a direct alternative to processed sugars.

Sweet Results

As the only maple syrup brand 100% packed in the UK, Clarks saves retailers 100,000 food miles every year.

Natural sweeteners grew 5817.9% in two years, up from £7,792 in 2015 to £461,124, while the other 2 top 3 brand were in decline. Volume growth 121% YOY and value growth 147% YOY.

40 new jobs created in Newport, supporting Welsh industry.