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How do you stand for the freshest seafood?

By letting people know that the next day's menu is still waiting to be caught. As part of an on-going working relationship with chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks, we created a new logo and branding for his seafood restaurant chain – Rockfish in Brixham.

The creative idea was inspired by the fact that the fish served in the restaurant and takeaway are caught fresh that day and the fish market is less than 100 yards from the restaurant. The brand mark captures the quirky feel of the fishing village and the letterforms were created to reflect Mitch's personality and the restaurants informality, we created the brand essence 'Rock & Reel'.

The paper tablecloths are inspired by mariners' maps and position Devon as 'the sea food coast’, highlighting the location of the restaurants and the local fish species prepared in the restaurants. The takeout boxes are designed to look like the local fishing boats. Mitch noticed that the kids would often use their parents' coffee cups to make sandcastles on the beach so we designed the cups to look like castle buckets.

The flagship signage and sign-writing is inspired by the traditional clinker built boats. The condiment labels are old-fashioned beach huts, with variant names inspired by characters from the local fishing community.