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13 Bikes was born

The challenge set to us by Halfords was to create a new bike brand that would best profile the work of bike designer Justin Stevenson, appealing to serious cyclists looking for a premium proposition.

The new brand would need to be differentiated from Halfords’ existing premium offer of Boardman, Voodoo, Kona and Pinarello.

challenging conventional superstition

We identified a target typology who were discerning and savvy, who knew that good bikes were all about spec and just wanted to enjoy the ride and not spend forever on a complex purchase process or dithering between one brand and another.

We created a strategic plan that included immersion, naming, positioning and design. Working in collaboration with Justin, we were keen to capture the spirit of the cyclist who defied convention and by digging deep into the culture discovered that as a superstitious lot cyclists invert the racing number thirteen to reverse the bad luck. We loved this metaphor for the brand position and 13 bikes was born.

This 13 mnemonic and its visual inversion really appealed to the target audience who like to break the rules and go their own way. Consumers that would be proud to wear the #13 – challenging conventional superstition.

The mark on the bike is distinctly positioned on the back of the seat post, clearly visible to riders following behind (never from the front) reflecting the leadership position of the brand.