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The Alpen Way

With consumers spending increasingly little time shopping the cereal isle, as they continue to favour alternative breakfast choices, Alpen needed to make more of an impact on shelf and drive spontaneous awareness to stay ahead of the competition.

Following Distinctive Brand Asset research we introduced a simplified, more iconic snow-capped mountain range and fresh blue skies suggestive of the rejuvenating Alpine air and Swiss provenance recognisable to Alpen. A new brand mark was created with a hero 'A' to harmoniously combine the brands iconic mountain range and name.


The spoon that we previously introduced in place of the traditional, heaped bowl of Muesli - suggesting an unpleasant, heavy eat to start the day - had already become and iconic asset for the brand.

We re-introduced the spoon with a more dynamic and tasty look, each spoonful perfectly balanced and bursting with delicious, natural ingredients.