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Nothing compares to homemade

But how do you create a jolt on shelf when all flour bags look the same. In-store bakeries are one of the most emotive aisles in the supermarket.

We’ve seen a rise in artisan bakeries on the high street and social media outlets are full of inspiration for home bakers. Yet the flour aisle doesn’t evoke any of these positive feelings.

Flour is anything but plain. We wanted to bring the joy of home baking back to the forefront of the Allinson’s brand.


We noticed that structure of the bag lent itself to the perfect loaf shape.

Once picked up, it even felt as if you could be squeezing a fresh loaf. By designing the packs to look as if they were freshly baked loaves and cakes on a bakery shelf, we created the allure of the artisan bakeries, but in the flour aisle.

Each homemade loaf continues onto the sides and back of pack, fully creating the illusion of an actual loaf.

We wanted to reflect Allinson’s bread making expertise with that of artisan bakers, with that in mind we visually wrapped each pack in a craft paper band and sealed with the new Allinson’s flour branding.