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Delightfully Con’served’

Nothing could be more British than a pot of tea and a cream scone. So how did Bonne Maman managed to come across (or underneath) the English Channel and take over our beloved jams? When Hain Daniels, owner of Hartley’s, wanted to launch a premium jam we decided it was time the Brits took back what was rightfully ours!

We needed to take the highly traded, Hartley's brand and create a premium tier...


We created a proposition for Hartley’s based on ‘Distinctive British Conserves’ and going back to when William Pickles Hartley first decided to make conserves back in 1871. For the emblem we took inspiration from the current home of Hartley’s – Histon and the ornate iron work sign on the village green which has links back to traditional jam making with Chivers.

We wanted to create a jar that was bespoke and that people would want to keep in the centre of the table and not hide away in a cupboard. The inspiration for the design came from the original Histon signpost. The windmill, duck pond, and local boot maker were also incorporated into the design. We chose William’s rather than WMP Hartley to distance the brand from the everyday range and to give a more personal feel to the range.

We then worked with glass manufacturer Beatson Clark to create a jar that allowed us to create a minimal space for branding and emboss the new logo crest. Following research, we made the label easy to remove so the jar could be re-used as home-made jam was increasing in popularity.

This was paired with a new tone of voice that used words like ‘scrummy’ and ‘delightfully’ to further build on the Britishness of the brand.