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Making London a global destination

We created a brand purpose around a proposition of DMC specialists who unlock the true potential of London through a fresh approach to the industry.

Our Brand essence was London Calling, just like the Clash album cover designed by Ray Lowry with bassist Paul Simonon smashing his Fender Bass we wanted to be a bit more rock and roll as a DMC and shake the industry up.

It also perfectly summed up what 2BUK were about and allowed them confidence in a long established sector as the new kids on the block.

“We believe London and the UK can deliver a new experience for everyone whether your first or tenth time here.”

With naming we wanted something concise and also something that would be remembered and hinted towards the service.

With both directors surnames ending in ‘B’ Butterfield and Brown. 2BUK worked in not only putting them into the brand but also working as a ‘call out’ to companies in North America.

We chose the most iconic building in London, Big Ben and ued the clock face as a full stop in between UK. It was created that people do not notice it straight away and discover it which reflected the company philosophy of discovering new experiences in London.