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Top Ten Most Iconic Brands in Britain

When it comes to the 3-second decision time consumers give your brand on shelf amongst the competition, how can you maximise your chances of making it into the trolley?

Brand visibility when we are talking less than a second usually comes down to 2 things, shape and colour.

It is no surprise then to see Coca Cola top of the 10 most identifiable pack in an online study of 1,500 Brits commissioned by Easyfairs.

The bottle shape and red go together like Ant & Dec and create such a deep impression in our minds that Coke no longer need words in their advertising. The feeling of a Coke bottle in your hand is enough to trigger brand associations.

The top ten are as follows...

1 Coca Cola
2 Toblerone
3 Marmite
4 Pringles
6 Heinz Ketchup
7 Fairy
8 iPhone box
9 Walkers crisps
10 Amazon

All the packs in the top ten have either one or more ritualistic associations. The joy of receiving the brown Amazon box with the smile, even though you know what’s in it (because you ordered it) still does not dampen the thrill you get in opening the parcel, and it's just a brown box!

The shake of the Toblerone tube to reveal the silver peaks or the reassuring tap of the Heinz Ketchup bottle (now replaced with a squeeze). The aroma of Marmite when you first break the seal and the reassuringly lasting transparency of Fairy. They have all captured a ritual within our lives that we associate with not only the product but with the brand. I’m sure there are other crisps in a tube – but only Pringles have the pop!

To be iconic does not always mean shape – Amazon, Apple, KFC are standard pack shapes. What you have to get right is how people use it, interact with it and, most importantly, recognise it.

Paul Williams
Creative Director
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