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A history of naked ladies

Twickenham Fine Ales, London’s oldest microbrewery, had established a reputation for great real hand-crafted beer where you can taste the hops.

But with the explosion of craft breweries the TFA brand was beginning to look left behind. Pubs and retailers were being seduced by the ‘new boutique boys’, and TFA badly needed to fight back. It was no longer enough to rely on a reputation for great beer, you had to look the part too.


The devil is in the details

From the Naked Ladies statues that stand in the gardens of York House to the migrating flock that passes over Twickenham each year, each beer's signature visual is linked to something within a 'hop' of the brewery.

Sales up 123% and pub distribution up 40%.

Every beer articulated its taste profile giving the drinker an anticipation of the flavours. The iconic arch shape, inspired by the Twickenham bridge, gave the beer real 'pump appeal'.