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Real Food. Real Pleasure.

Long established as the go-to premium crisp for social snackers, who love the finer things in life, Kettle was seen by the young and aspiring as a formal snack for their parents.

Kettle needed to loosen its tie a little and inject more personality into a world of tradition and authenticity.

From a new proposition of ‘bags of real pleasure’ we amplified Kettle’s taste credentials through handcrafted typography and hidden illustrations to bring individual personality to each real food seasoning. The touch of informality carries on to the back of pack with a more conversational approach to Kettle’s story.

A sharp challenge

We addressed the challenge from some consumers that Kettle Chips are too hard and sharp by softening the brand mark, reducing the sharp edges and scratchy appearance of the iconic ‘woodcut’ logo.

By taking the bold step to remove 'chips' as part of the brand name and elevating ‘dude’ (Kettle’s iconic mascot) to a more central position on top of the logo we were able move the logo to the heart of the bag, improving impact on shelf.

Discover exciting flavour combinations

Responding the growing trend of casual dining and building on Kettle’s new approach to ‘foodieness’ and pleasure, we helped them to reposition their super premium Chef’s Signature range from a exclusive chef’s offering to an inclusive and exciting street-food experience.

With new flavour combinations, inspired by menus from near and far, we showcased the dishes with beautiful but casual photography, shown as true to the eating experience as the dishes themselves. Kettle is now at the heart of these tasty creations.

Light on calories not taste

How to communicate the delicious hand cooked taste of Kettle, with the benefits of a new healthier snack range, in a positive foodie way, without any negative ‘diet food’ connotations.

Whilst KETTLE Chips are synonymous with pure indulgence, the new range needed to strike more of a healthy balance – all the taste you would expect from KETTLE but lighter!

We created the name ‘KETTLE Bites’ to highlight the fact the range was about taste first not permission.

The warm cream background colour united the range and was the perfect canvas to highlight the product. Each product was created like a canapé as a mini mouthwatering individual bite, ‘floating in air’ as a simple metaphor for the low calories.