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We can see the cows from our window

Kelly’s of Cornwall are a unique ice cream brand; not only do they use Cornish clotted cream, but the cows that make it are in the next field.

Their retail products are made in exactly the same way as the ice cream in their ice cream parlours at the seaside. This unique provenance sets them apart from other mainstream products. The design needed to tell their story.

We developed a new proposition - Scoops of real delight made from the heart of Cornwall and created a new brand mark that tells their unique story.

Our inspiration came from their Cornish Ice cream parlours. The logo takes the form of a traditional parlour ‘pen tick’, playful cows form the crest to reinforce their Cornish Dairy Heritage and the frills mimic a parlour sun canopy.

We developed a new structural packaging format inspired by the stainless steel troughs used in ice cream parlours to create real distinction in store and to support the narrative. The clear lid created the illusion of the brand mark was pressed into fresh ice cream.